TOP Laag Keppel
TOP Laag Keppel

TOP Laag Keppel - Laag Keppel

N 51.99254793119 / E 6.2226201201292

Laag Keppel is a castle-city. This castle guarded the crossing of the Oude IJssel between Emmerik and Zutphen. The village street is still as it once was, and ends at the water mill complex on the Oude IJssel. Because Laag Keppel was granted a certain form of town rights in the Middle Ages, it can call itself 'town' despite its village character.

TOP Laag Keppel

TOP Laag Keppel
Wehlsedijk 4
6998 CA Laag Keppel

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T: 0545-250380

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Open 24 hours
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