Toon Hermans Theater
Toon Hermans Theatre

Toon Hermans Theatre - Sittard

N 50.9988098 / E 5.8612591

On 17 December 2021, in honour of the 105th birthday of the beloved comedian, Sittard's Stadsschouwburg was renamed the Toon Hermans Theatre. Not only is the name a tribute to the artist of life, the side facade shows his silhouette in colourful lights as the city goes dark.

At the back of the theatre, you can see life-size his portrait smiling over his city. The city he loved so much and applauded in many of his songs and poems. One of his powerful stanzas reads, "I have had a lot of applause in Amsterdam, but I am someone from a small town, a sweet town". Artist and architect Frans Wijnen incorporated this text with his effigy into a 9-metre-high work of art. Now the city, the theatre and Toon are inseparable.

Toon Hermans Theater

Toon Hermans Theatre
Mgr Claessensstraat 2
6131 AJ Sittard

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Open 24 hours

For theatre opening hours, see the website. The artworks on the outside are always visible.

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