Tonmill - Paasloo

N 52.809626 / E 6.001820

At the end of the 19th century, the lands southwest of Paasloo were regularly flooded. A local farmer, Berend Krol, who also had to contend with flooding, thought that a windmill could be used to tackle these problems. However, building a traditional windmill would mean that many trees would have to be cut down in order to ensure sufficient wind capture. Krol came up with the idea of developing an alternative windmill. He designed a model in which the wind was captured by vertically mounted vertical slats that rotate in the horizontal plane. This unique horizontal mill has served as a pumping station for many years. A heavy storm destroyed the tool in 1952, after which it was demolished. Thanks to the efforts of the IJsselhammer Molen Foundation, founded in 2000, the mill was rebuilt, placed on 6 August 2002 and officially put into operation on 19 October 2002.


Binnenweg 12
8378 JJ Paasloo

Contact details
T: 0561-451789

The mill is open to the public.

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