Witte Wieven
The White Wives of Lochem

The White Wives of Lochem - Lochem

N 52.1493132 / E 6.4165341

White Wives are found all over the Netherlands, but the most evil ones seem to have lived in Lochem. Woe betide the man who curiously went after them to find out what these creatures were up to. They dragged him to remote places and their victims then usually died a painful death. Once a year, they held a meeting where they would screech and laugh and tell each other how many men they had captured and what they had done to them. This meeting was held on Easter Mountain. Hiding among patches of fog, they crept there, scanning for careless men along the way.

Until one evening, a young farmer was attacked by the White Wives. He remained outwardly unmoved, but suddenly he made a grab, got hold of one of the White Wives and looked into her eyes. She fell madly in love. The other White Wives tried to bring her along, but to no avail. The story goes that the White Wives then left Lochem to go haunt the Veluwe; and that the white apparitions you still see on the Paaschberg today are wisps of mist. But whether this is true...

Witte Wieven

The White Wives of Lochem
Hessenweg 10
7241 JS Lochem

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