The Volendam dike

The Volendam dike - Volendam

N 52.4966204 / E 5.0783423

This dike is intended to protect the old fishing village of Volendam from the sea water, but it is definitely an attraction. Volendam is one of the most famous tourist spots in North Holland and the Volendamse Dike has contributed to this fame. It is the bustling heart of the eel village with many restaurants, souvenir shops and places where you can enjoy fried fish, eel sandwiches and beer. From the dike you look out on the Volendam fishing boats. If you cycle through Volendam, a visit to this dike is a must.

The Volendam dike

The Volendam dike
Noordeinde 35
1131 GB Volendam

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T: +31299315125

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