De Veerpoort in Schoonhoven
The Veerpoort

The Veerpoort - Schoonhoven

N 51.9431435 / E 4.8528991

This Veerpoort dates from 1602. It is the only remaining gate in the town; originally Schoonhoven had four gates. The Veerpoort is part of the water barrier. At high tide, the gate is closed with wooden doors. A memorial in the gate shows how high the water stood during the flood disaster of 1953.

The Veerpoort owes its name to the ferry connection between Schoonhoven and Gelkenes, which lies on the other side of the river Lek. Together, these two places formed the 'lock' on the Lek as part of the Old Holland Waterline. This line was necessary to protect Hollland. The great prosperity of the Golden Age created a lot of international resistance, which led to the year in history that was declared the Year of Disaster: 1672.

De Veerpoort in Schoonhoven

The Veerpoort
Wal 3
2871 BA Schoonhoven

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