The Statenlodge

The Statenlodge - Hoorn

N 52.6414222 / E 5.0598609

Statenpoort and lodge: a building with a long history. Until 1796, the building served as a guest building for the College of Committees. Today it is a beautiful location for weddings. We dive into the history and enter the year 1385. From that year to the 16th century,Bbrothers and Nuns found shelter here.

The beautiful Renaissance facade was placed between 1613 and 1618. How do you recognize the Dutch Renaissance? The symmetry, the stepped gables, the alternating use of masonry and natural stone and the use of classic building elements. All can be found in the Statenlodge!

The Statenlodge

The Statenlodge
Nieuwstraat 23
1621 EA Hoorn

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T: +31229252698

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