The Spoordonk Watermill

The Spoordonk Watermill - Spoordonk

N 51.520085 / E 5.266173

The Spoordonk watermill (located on the Beerze between Oirschot and Spoordonk) was already mentioned in writing in 1320 and belonged to Ten Bergh castle, within the Heerlijkheid Oirschot. It is the last remaining mill along the Beerze, where there has been a total of 5 water mills. At the beginning of 1900 the mill was still a double grain and oil mill. There is now a home in the former oil mill. For a long time, the mill was successively owned by the noble families De Merode and Sweers de Landas and was leased to the Van Esch family in 1844. In 1900 this family – of which the current mulder Emiel van Esch is a descendant – became owner. As soon as he acquired the mill, he lovingly restored the national monument. He and his family live in part of the mill building; he uses the other part to grind. Van Esch prefers that the grains milled in his mill are used for local products. The miller hopes to be able to make old gin in the near future – in collaboration with the liqueur museum in Hilvarenbeek. This also does justice to the often-photographed advertising on the mill of the disappeared brand “Wyers Oude Jenever”. In 1868 the wooden mill buildings were replaced by the current elongated building with space for two paddle wheels in the middle. The eastern part contains the flour mill and the western part (now a house and paddle wheel for energy generation) used to accommodate the oil mill. A coffee house has been built near the mill, which mill visitors can use. In 2012 a second wheel came into operation in the mill. This time for the generation of electrical energy. This wheel has a diameter of 6.50 meters and has 40 blades with a width of 80 cm. The new wheel is identical in design to the other water wheel, only it is 1 meter larger in diameter. Originally the old wheel of the oil mill was also 6.50 meters in diameter..

The Spoordonk Watermill

The Spoordonk Watermill
Spoordonkseweg 130
5688 KE Spoordonk

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T: 0499-577186

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Monday Closed
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Wednesday 10:00 - 23:45
Thursday 10:00 - 23:45
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Saturday 10:00 - 23:45
Sunday 10:00 - 23:45

Teahouse: Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am, guided tours by appointment.

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