The smart farmer's son
The smart farmer's son

The smart farmer's son - Montfoort

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When the lord of Montfoort and his family went for a ride on a Sunday, he met a farmer's son on the Heeswijk, who was herding young piglets. His daughters wanted to pet the piglets, so the man stopped his carriage. The girls got out, but every time they came near the piglets, the son of a farmer tapped the piglets with a twig so that they were always out of their reach. What does the boy think? I'll teach him," the gentleman thought. But he wanted to do it cleverly and invited the boy to dinner in a week's time.

When the boy came to the castle the next week, he was invited to the table. But while the family was eating haddock, the boy only got a herring head. He grabbed the head, held it to his ear, and nodded in agreement. My friend says that I should eat haddock too," he told the lord of the castle. You're right,' he said. But you have to drink a nice glass of wine to go with it. Go with my servant and pick out something tasty. When the boy followed the servant, two things struck him: a delicious ham hung there in the cellar, but he also saw that the servant picked up a piece of wood. The lord of the castle had agreed with him to beat up the boy. There are indeed delicious wines here. But can you, like me, pour two wines out of a barrel? That's what the servant wanted to see. The boy then drilled two holes on either side of a barrel that held the servant shut. We forgot the taps, I'll get them for you,' called the farmer's son. The servant could not let go of the barrel without wasting the precious wine and had to watch powerlessly as the boy ran off with the ham...

The smart farmer's son
The smart farmer's son

The smart farmer's son
Heeswijk 110
3417 GS Montfoort

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