De Turfschuit ©Drents Archief
The Peat Barge

The Peat Barge - Nieuw-Amsterdam

N 52.701416210254 / E 6.8586704810345

Vincent van Gogh painted the painting 'The Peat Barge’ (De Turfschuit) in Drenthe, possibly at this spot in Nieuw-Amsterdam. Next to the canal you will find a vista screen.

The peat barges were of different sizes, depending on the width and depth of the canals. The closer to the fields, the smaller the ships had to be to get close to the peat cutters. The peat was then transferred to large ships, which shipped it further to, for example, the peat market in Zwartsluis.

There, it was often loaded onto even larger ships that could cross the former Southern Sea.

Photo: ©Drents Archief

De Turfschuit ©Drents Archief

The Peat Barge
Vaartweg 57
7833 BN Nieuw-Amsterdam

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