The Nieuwe Doelen

The Nieuwe Doelen - Hoorn

N 52.6426977 / E 5.0600182

The militia existed between the Middle Ages and the nineteenth century. The militia carried out tasks that we now know as the fire brigade, police and army. Cities and villages were protected by this body that ensured order, peace and security. Who were these militias? Volunteers who did this in addition to another job.

It was important that you were a citizen of the city and you had to be able to afford a militias’ equipment. This equipment consisted of a weapon and clothing. In addition to protecting the city, militias were also used to discuss social matters and to network. This happened in a target building such as the Nieuwe Doelen. There they practiced shooting but also enjoyed a lot of partying.

The Nieuwe Doelen

The Nieuwe Doelen
Achterstraat 2
1621 GH Hoorn

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