The Knokkert or Erasmus forest

The Knokkert or Erasmus forest - Sluis

N 51.365547 / E 3.438344

The Knokkert nature reserve has nothing to do with fighting. A knuckle is a higher part of the country and actually not a hill, it is more of a bump. This bump near Nieuwvliet originally belonged to the farm of the Erasmus family, who planted many plants there. In 1971 Staatbosbeheer bought the farm and added another 12 hectares of forest. You will find all kinds of animals such as owls, woodpeckers and salamanders. The Erasmus Forest now forms a nature reserve of over 27 hectares and is called the Knokkert. You can enjoy walking and children can climb, scramble, discover and play.

The Knokkert or Erasmus forest

The Knokkert or Erasmus forest
4506 HN Sluis

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