De Kagerplassen
The Kagerplassen

The Kagerplassen - Warmond

N 52.195748944623 / E 4.5349782790077

The Kagerplassen in South Holland, between the Haarlemmermeer and Warmond, form a basin system where polder water is collected and drained. It has no fixed level and water quality is not high, as the water flows continuously. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful area for water sports and is the habitat for bream, pikeperch and carp.

The elongated system of shallow lakes consists of 16 large and smaller lakes, such as 't Joppe, the Norre Lake, the Laeck and the Hanepoel. There are at least ten islands, some of which are inhabited and only accessible by ferry.

De Kagerplassen

The Kagerplassen
2362 Warmond

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