The Hulsbeek

The Hulsbeek - Oldenzaal

N 52.307168 / E 6.89405

Recreation area the Hulsbeek is a park to the west of Oldenzaal. Excavated recreational ponds, extensive forests, agricultural plots and height differences created alternate. Beautiful trees such as the Japanese larch, Douglas fir and Scots pine form the forest. Not only high up, but also low down you will find a rich variety of nature: plants such as the Bosere Prize, the Wreath herb and the Royal Fern can be found in the heath area.

Three recreational pools have been created by sand excavation. It is the perfect location for fishing, swimming, surfing, rowing, cycling, walking, eating and above all enjoying.

The Hulsbeek

The Hulsbeek
Kiosk 1
7576 PD Oldenzaal

Contact details
T: +31541513231

Accessible every day of the year from sunrise to sunset.

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