The East Indian house

The East Indian house - Hoorn

N 52.6414311 / E 5.0604574

Long before the Golden Age, Hoorn was already an important trading centre. Herring fishing, the Baltic Sea trade and trade with France and Portugal: Hoorn played an important role. From the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries onward, Hoorn became indispensable for international trade, shipping and shipbuilding.

At the time the VOC was built, the Hoorn 'room' of the trading company was located in the old Geertenklooster. This building can be found in Nieuwstraat. Later, the East India Mansion in Muntstraat was purchased: the new office of, among others, the VOC board.

If you look closely, you can still see a feature from that time on the façade. On the façade of the East India House you can see a triangular pediment. Here four angels (putti) hold the monogram of the Hoorn VOC.

The East Indian house

The East Indian house
Muntstraat 4
1621 GB Hoorn

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