De Eendenkooi van Haarzuilens

The duck decoy of Haarzuilens - Vleuten

N 52.117307 / E 5.004969

There is a special landscape element on the estate of Haarzuilens: the duck decoy. With tame ducks, the decoyman used to lure wild ducks to the duck decoy. The Kooiker's dog made sure that they entered the catchpipe, after which they were caught for consumption. In the 17th century, there was already a duck decoy here with a pond surrounded by coppice wood and old pollard trees.

The duck decoys have been restored by new reed fences, although birds are no longer caught there. Together with the forester, you can take a look.

De Eendenkooi van Haarzuilens

The duck decoy of Haarzuilens
Thematerweg 5
3455 SM Vleuten

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T: 035-6559911

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