De Kastelen van Haverleij (Kastelenwijk)
The Castles of Haverleij (residential area)

The Castles of Haverleij (residential area) - 's-Hertogenbosch

N 51.721913851728 / E 5.247935763

25 years ago, the municipality, developers, urban planners and landscape architects came up with the idea of developing a castle landscape in the midst of nature by the River Maas. The castles were built with sustainability in mind. For example, the castles have a sustainable water system. That system drains the rainwater into the surrounding estate. Among other things, this has increased biodiversity. In consultation with the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds, the best nesting places for birds and bats have been considered. After all, they are also very welcome in this district.

The neighbourhood consists of seven castles named after the street where they are located: Castle Zwaenenstede, Holterveste, Wuyvenhaerd, Daliënwaerd, Velderwoude, Leliënhuyze and Beeckendael.

The Kastelenwijk is an extremely green area and you can admire the special buildings there. You might even spot John de Bever, who also lives in one of these castles.

The castles are located close to each other. Cycle into the district, take a look at the architecture and then you can easily continue your cycling tour!

De Kastelen van Haverleij (Kastelenwijk)

The Castles of Haverleij (residential area)
De Haverlij
5221 KG 's-Hertogenbosch

Contact details
T: +31887122986

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

The buildings can only be viewed from the outside.

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