The Bossu houses
The Bossu houses

The Bossu houses - Hoorn

N 52.6402296 / E 5.0658675

1573 was an exciting time. It was the year of the naval battle in Hoorn and this happened during the Eighty Years' War. The country was in the middle of the battle for independence against the Catholic king of Spain, who then ruled The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.

Bossu was a Spanish admiral. At the beginning of October that year, he moved with his fleet to the Zuiderzee. His goal was to take out the Dutch fleet. His plan failed and William the Silent and the Sea Beggars defeated him. The consequence for Bossu? Three long years of captivity in Hoorn. On the facades of the Bossu houses (built in 1612), you can see the history of the naval battle in words and images.

The Bossu houses
The Bossu houses

The facades can always be viewed from the outside.

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