Het Blauwe Meer
The Blue Lake

The Blue Lake - Dwingeloo

N 52.880774349908 / E 6.4153503564602

The Blue Lake swimming lake lives up to its name: the water is clear blue. The lake belongs to the nature reserve Leggelderveld and is surrounded by trees. You will find it southeast of the village of Hoogersmilde in Drenthe.

The limestone factory 'Albino' has been in Hoogersmilde since 1905. In this area, there was a lot of white sand to be obtained for the limestone. Sand extraction works were therefore started where Het Blauwe Meer now stands. Thus, the lake was created. The sand suction also made the lake very deep.

Now it is a lovely recreational lake with a cosy beach in beautiful surroundings. For a small fee, you can spend a whole day here. You can only use debit cards for entry and dogs are not allowed on the beach. At the kiosk, you can pay by debit card as well as in cash.

Het Blauwe Meer

The Blue Lake
Blauwe Meer
7991 TP Dwingeloo

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