De Grote Molen
The Big Mill (De Grote Molen)

The Big Mill (De Grote Molen) - Schellinkhout

N 52.6360124 / E 5.1094763

The Grote Molen in Schellinkhout is a characteristic North Holland figure and was built in the Golden Age. During this period, many reclaimed lands were created. They pumped out the emerging water in North Holland with mills to create polders. Around 1630, the Grote Molen was built to pump water to the Zuiderzee. And it still does! When Schellinkhout threatens to get wet feet due to high water, the Grote Molen is still put to work to help pump out the water.

De Grote Molen

The Big Mill (De Grote Molen)
Zuiderdijk 58
1697 KL Schellinkhout

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T: +31229503151

The Grote Molen can only be visited by appointment.

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