Boerderij Swanenplaats
Swanenplaats farm

Swanenplaats farm - Venhuizen

N 52.6771634 / E 5.2314171

Above the door of the Swanenplaats farm you can see the year in which the construction of the West Frisian farm started: 1643 in the Golden Age. Behind the beautiful farm is a small vineyard where grape vines stood until 2012.

The Dutch had a great deal of influence on wine trade and production in the Golden Age. Because the Dutch were fond of sweet white wine, the farmers in France, under pressure of the Dutch, had to work hard to produce more white grapes.

In the heyday of the VOC, there was a lot of shipping to and from Asia. These ships made a stop at Cape of Good Hope, the trading post in South Africa. In 1659, the VOC took German vines with them so that wine grapes could be grown in the Cape of Good Hope.

Boerderij Swanenplaats

Swanenplaats farm
De Buurt 11
1606 AC Venhuizen

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