Strijbeekse Heide
Strijbeekse Heath

Strijbeekse Heath - Strijbeek

N 51.502614 / E 4.822305

Between the Strijbeekse Beek (Brook) and the Chaamse Beek (Chaamse Brook) you will find the Strijbeekse Heath. Where the area around 1900 still consisted of wet and dry heathland, it now lies on higher sandy grounds. The change in the landscape came by reclamation for agriculture and the construction of new forests.

Park your car and walk or cycle across this beautiful heathland. Enjoy the large heaths, forests with pines, birches and summer oaks and discover the different types of grass. Did you know that you can also spot a roe deer, hare, fox or squirrel? Look up well, you might even spot one of the many birds of prey.

Strijbeekse Heide

Strijbeekse Heath
4861 ND Strijbeek

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