Statue Vleugel

Statue Vleugel - Assen

N 53.0033183 / E 6.5414114

Usually, we try to avoid busy roads during cycling routes, but we are happy to make an exception for this colourful steel work of art by Sita Bandringa. She started her career as a potter. In 1974 she made a trip with the Orient-Express and then travelled on to Japan to get acquainted with Japanese ceramics. In the '80s Sita Bandringa started working with other materials and made more significant works. Her work of art 'Vleugel' (Wing) was voted the most beautiful work of art in Assen by the readers of the Dagblad van het Noorden in 2004.

Statue Vleugel

Statue Vleugel
Europaweg West
9402 WG Assen

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T: 0341-769098

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