Kop van Hondsrug
Statue Kop van de Hondsrug

Statue Kop van de Hondsrug - Borger

N 52.9254267 / E 6.7841256

The sculpture Kop van de Hondsrug has travelled quite a bit, despite its generous dimensions. It was made in Emmen as the Head of Willem, moved to Apeldoorn and Amsterdam and then to Borger as the Head of Borger on the N34.

Due to roadworks, the sculpture had to be moved. That is why it now stands on the other side of the N34 as the Kop van de Hondsrug.

Kop van Hondsrug

Statue Kop van de Hondsrug
7873 TD Borger

Contact details
T: +31341769098
E: gemeente@borger-odoorn.nl

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