Statue Boven Water (Above Water)

Statue Boven Water (Above Water) - Lelystad

N 52.5216637444002 / E 5.438515953

On Lelybaan, in the middle of the Batavia Market square, stands a large white head. The face is 5 metres high and has bright blue eyes. The blue colour on the square is also part of the work of art. It represents the water that the white head is up to. On top of the white head is a life-sized man with a suitcase.

We all know the proverb 'keeping your head above water', or in other words having just enough money to get by. The Frisian artist Henk Hofstra, who made this work of art, is a metaphor for this proverb. He says on his own website: "Most people keep their heads above water, but some people keep their heads above water more than others".

Statue Boven Water (Above Water)

Statue Boven Water (Above Water)
8242 PN Lelystad

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