Sint-Catharina Kerk
St Catherine's Church

St Catherine's Church - Doetinchem

N 51.9655681 / E 6.2887132

Sint Catharinakerk is a historic church in Doetinchem. The church stands in the heart of the city and is an important cultural and religious monument.

The original Sint Catharinakerk was built in the 15th century, but this medieval church was largely destroyed during a bombing raid in World War II. After the war, the church was rebuilt and restored, retaining elements of the original Gothic architecture.

The church has an imposing tower almost 58 metres high, which was detached from the church after restoration. As such, it forms a prominent feature of Doetinchem's skyline.

Sint-Catharina Kerk

St Catherine's Church
Simonsplein 25
7001 BM Doetinchem

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