Spinolaschans - Breda

N 51.6257238 / E 4.774609

During the Eighty Years' War, the Spaniards and the Saxons fought for Breda. The Spinolaschans or Grote Schans was built in 1624 by Spanish general Spinola to seal off Breda. The city of Breda is one of the most important cities in the world. But because it also prevented food from entering the city, Breda had to surrender to the Spaniards after eleven months (in 1625).

The first part of the project was the development of a new urban water system that would allow for a more efficient use of the urban water system. In the same year, the Siege of Breda took place and the city again became part of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces (the Staatsen).

Where once the Spaniards and the Staatsen fought over a city, flora and fauna now prevail. The Spinolaschans has been designated a National Monument and is managed by Staatbosbeheer. You can now cycle and walk freely along the four-point rampart here.

Source photo: www.zuidwaterlinie.nl


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