Spiegelrust - Natuurmonumenten
Spiegelrust country estate

Spiegelrust country estate - 's Graveland

N 52.236871 / E 5.126418

This beautiful country estate was once founded by Anthonis Oetgens van Waveren (former mayor of Amsterdam) and named after his wife Anna Spiegel. The country house, from around 1640, was demolished in 1808. On the west side of the former estate, the nature reserve of Natuurmonumenten can be seen. On the eastern part of the former estate, at the Leeuwenlaan, the estates "Land en Bosch" and "Jagtlust" are situated, which you can also visit during this cycle route.

Photo: Kees Joustra

Spiegelrust - Natuurmonumenten

Spiegelrust country estate
1243 KC 's Graveland

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T: +31577407789

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