Snuifmolen de Lelie
Snuffmill de Lelie

Snuffmill de Lelie - Rotterdam (Kralingen)

N 51.932398 / E 4.521676

n 1740, the mill was built in the old Kralingen area and was called De Ezel. In 1840, this interesting mill was moved to its present location. At that time, the octagonal pillars were also lengthened by 1.5 m, creating a slender mill body. Until 1921, De Lelie had six tubular mangers; the sixth tub had to make way for an electric motor that drove the roller shaft. During a thorough restoration in 1970, when the foundation was renewed and the mill was straightened and jacked up, the electric drive in the mill was removed. Since 1996, spices and snuff tobacco have been ground with this mill every second Saturday of the month.

Snuifmolen de Lelie

Snuffmill de Lelie
Plaszoom 356
3062 CL Rotterdam (Kralingen)

Contact details
T: +31104526287

Every second Saturday of the month from 10.00 - 16.00 and if the mill is running, usually on Wednesday or Thursday. Or by appointment.

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