Smallest house in Kampen

Smallest house in Kampen - Kampen

N 52.5600429 / E 5.9134527

The smallest house in Kampen dates from the 17th century. It has always been a house, until the '60s of the last century. After that, the building impoverished, until the painter J. Bres took care of the building. It was refurbished and served as a storage space for painting materials. After the building threatened to fall into disrepair again, it was purchased by the municipality. Now it contains an exhibition about grandmother's time. You can book a guided tour, but you are also allowed to peek inside.

Smallest house in Kampen

Smallest house in Kampen
Burgwal 98
8261 ET Kampen

Contact details
T: 038-3322522

Visits by appointment only. You can register via the telephone number.

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