Beekdal Slokkert
Slokkert stream valley

Slokkert stream valley - Veenhuizen

N 53.064854839865 / E 6.4117730831347

This brook valley shows what the landscape looked like before the arrival of the Society of Benevolence, which allowed settlers to cut peat on the peat landscape. Back then, this was a vast landscape with grasslands, wooded banks and lush forests, eroded by meltwater from Ice Age glaciers.

The Slokkert is an upper reaches of the Peizerdiep, a river that flows into the Lauwersmeer via the Reitdiep. In recent years, the stream has been restored to its winding glory. Fish ladders have been constructed in several places, allowing fish migration to the Lauwersmeer and eventually the Wadden Sea.

Enjoy the beautiful nature, full of stunning views!

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Beekdal Slokkert

Slokkert stream valley
Oude Norgerweg
9341 Veenhuizen

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