Slabroekse heide
Slabroek Heath

Slabroek Heath - Uden

N 51.689378 / E 5.610442

The Slabroek Heath near Uden is part of De Maashorst nature reserve and lies between the arable villages Hengstheuvel and Slabroek. Farmers used to let their sheep graze here as early as the year 700 and used pile sods as ground cover for the cattle. Over the years, overplagging created bare patches that were sensitive to the wind. The sand started to drift and resulted in the beautiful drifting dunes called the Slabroekse Bergen or Slabroekse Heide.

It is a beautiful area for cycling, but also for leaving your bike and stretching your legs on a walk. You might come across grazers such as wisents, tauroses or Exmoor ponies. But you can also enjoy smaller animals here. Wild boar or red deer are regularly spotted here. Or listen carefully to see if you can hear the Golden Oriole or the Woodlark whistling.

Slabroekse heide

Slabroek Heath
5406 VM Uden

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