Sint-petrus Canisiuskerk
Sint-petrus Canisius church

Sint-petrus Canisius church - Puth

N 50.9559893 / E 5.8705258

The church is still kept up daily and is well maintained. There are beautiful stained-glass windows with the most wonderful figures. Certainly worth seeing. It is a brick cruciform church. That means that the floor plan of the church has the shape of a cross. Just look at it when you visit the church.

The Sint-Petrus Canisius Church was built in 1930 and was designed by Caspar Franssen and his son Joseph Franssen. In 1934 George Tielens painted the church. In 1957 it was repainted and new paintings were made by Pieter Geraedts from Warmond.

Sint-petrus Canisiuskerk

Sint-petrus Canisius church
Kerkweg 72
6155 KP Puth

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