Sint Maartenskerk

Sint Maartenskerk - Tiel

N 51.884998 / E 5.434393

Where the Sint Maartenskerk now stands, there was already a predecessor in the 10th century. But when Tiel became a city of distinction and a lot of trade was going on, the church was tackled in the Hanseatic period. In 1431 the church received a tower, but because the foundation was inadequate, it was soon demolished and replaced by a new tower with a high wooden spire. At the end of the 17th century, the church fell into disrepair; in the 18th century, the remains of the choir even served as a horse stable. The liberation in 1945 also caused serious damage. After a thorough renovation in 1964, the Sint Maartenskerk now stands again in all its glory.

Sint Maartenskerk

Sint Maartenskerk
Kerkplein 3
4001 MX Tiel

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Of course, the church can always be admired from the outside, but there are also regular activities that keep the doors open.

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