Short Stirling Monument

Short Stirling Monument - Leusden

N 52.099095 / E 5.43324

The memorial says: "This is where the Stirling Mark I R9197 BU-V crashed on February 3rd, 1943 at 8.04 pm after an air battle with a German Messerschmitt Bf 110 night fighter."

On February 3rd, 1945, a bomber from England was en route to Germany. During this flight there was an air fight with another German fighter plane. Both the English and German planes crashed. The English plane landed in the meadow where the monument now stands. Three Englishmen and five Canadians were killed. This monument was placed exactly 75 years after the crash: a memorial for the eight young crew members who died on this mission.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a royalty-free photo of the monument. Have you cycled this route, did you take a nice photo and can we use the photo on our website or social media? Send the photo to info@fiets and maybe your photo will be online here soon!

Short Stirling Monument

Short Stirling Monument
Oude Spoordijk
3831 JZ Leusden

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