Schaapskooi Orvelte
Hooischuur Orvelte
Sheepfold Orvelte

Sheepfold Orvelte - Orvelte

N 52.844535320057 / E 6.6586704831658

Visit the Sheepfold Orvelte, located at the edge of the village and the beginning of the extensive grazing area that surrounds Orvelte. The flock consists of around 250 Schoonebeeker heath sheep. In lambing season, this grows to sometimes as many as 550 sheep!

The Schoonebeeker heath sheep is one of the indigenous rare breeds that should be preserved as a cultural asset. The sheep has a fairly hefty size and can further be recognised by its often variegated, furry coat, high legs, long tail and curved nose. It often adopts a stately, graceful pose with its head held high. Its character is lively, curious and gentle.

As soon as it is possible, the sheep go out onto the moors with the shepherd and his sheepdogs. At the sheepfold, an information board indicates where in the field you can find the flock that day.

At the end of the afternoon, they return to the fold. The cooperation between shepherd, dog and flock is always a wonderful spectacle. Highly recommended! The information board shows what time the flock is expected back at the cage.


Schaapskooi Orvelte
Hooischuur Orvelte

Sheepfold Orvelte
Schapendrift 2
9441 PJ Orvelte

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T: 0593-322349

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Open 24 hours
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