Schaapskooi Epe-Heerden | foto ter illustratie
Sheepfold Epe-Heerde

Sheepfold Epe-Heerde - Heerde

N 52.385853 / E 5.9914325

One hundred and thirty Veluwe Heath Sheep with long hair and shiny noses make up Lammert's flock in the Veluwe area of Epe-Heerde. They can usually be found on the heathland but at the end of the day they return to the sheepfold at Elburgerweg 33.

The animals have been managing the moors like best for years, eating out the grass and saplings between the heather bushes to keep the forest in check. But the flock also has a tourist function and the shepherd likes to chat with interested passers-by.

A car park is also located near the sheepfold, so you can also nicely start your cycling route here.

Schaapskooi Epe-Heerden | foto ter illustratie

Sheepfold Epe-Heerde
Elburgerweg 33
8181 EM Heerde

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