Sculptuur Nico van Melo
Sculpture of Nico van Melo

Sculpture of Nico van Melo - Castenray

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Nico van Melo was a legendary stud and a household name in draft horse breeding. The draft horse was born in Zeeuws Vlaanderen in 1935, but from 1939 to 1953 was owned by Hengstenassociatie Vooruitgang Venray-Horst-Sevenum and housed at a stud farm in Castenray. By purchasing quality stallions, this association contributed to the improvement of the breed and thus the prosperity of the region.

Nico van Melo was an exceptional horse who became Dutch champion with offspring four times from 1946 to 1949. Two of his sons (Nico van het Zwarte Water and Nico van Beek) also became Dutch champion with descendants six times each. So we can say that Nico van Melo was important for the prosperity of the North Limburg country. The latter was reason for the Stichting Heemkundig Genootschap Castenray to honour Nico van Melo with a statue, carved from bluestone by sculptor Martin Ooink from Venray.

Photo: René & Peter van der Krogt of

Sculptuur Nico van Melo

Sculpture of Nico van Melo
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