Schuivenhuisje Tilligte

Schuivenhuisje Tilligte - Tilligte

N 52.3871177 / E 6.9700319

The special weir in Tilligte, in the province of Overijssel, has a state monument status. The Schuivenhuisje was built in 1887 to ensure a good water flow in the small river Dinkel. Because also in the hot dry summers it was important that the shipping could do its work. In 1960, however, the Schuivenhuisje lost its function due to the closure of the Almelo-Nordhorn canal. Fortunately, the house is in good condition and can still be admired!

Schuivenhuisje Tilligte

Schuivenhuisje Tilligte
Harseveldweg 4
7634PH Tilligte

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