Kasteel Scheres
Scheres castle

Scheres castle - Baarlo

N 51.329429 / E 6.088595

From 1500, for more than two centuries the Scheres family lived on this estate, called Scheresgoed. At the end of the 18th century the estate and House Scheres came into the hands of the wealthy Baron d'Olne, who razed the house to the ground and built a castle there. Willem d'Olne was the last in the line and after the death of his widow in 1930 the German general Weichs de Wenne bought the castle and estate. The in Baarlo famous Japanese-American sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri and his wife artist Ferdi Jansen lived at the castle from 1962 until 2009.

Unfortunately, the castle is not open for visitors.

Kasteel Scheres

Scheres castle
Napoleonsbaan Zuid 12
5991 NC Baarlo

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Not open to visitors

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