Sint Salvatorkapel - Foto: Visit Baarle
Saint Salvator Chapel

Saint Salvator Chapel - Baarle-Nassau

N 51.4409293 / E 4.9451765

The chapel is also popularly called the Chapel of Nijhoven, but this religious place is the St. Salvator Chapel. The church is actually the result of a quarrel between the inhabitants of Baarle-Nassau and those of Baarle-Hertog. In the sixteenth century, the inhabitants of the Nassau section were no longer allowed to attend the Sint-Remigius church by the inhabitants of Hertog. Consequently, the Nassau residents built their own church: St Salvator's.

The chapel experienced a lot of violence and was razed to the ground several times. Nevertheless, in 1930, a chapel was rebuilt on the foundations of the old choir. The design is by Dom Hans van der Laan. The chapel is surrounded by a prayer garden with a Lourdes grotto where you can light a candle, a Calvary and a Way of the Cross depicting the Passion of Jesus. In addition, there are fifteen post chapels with the rosary (a Roman Catholic prayer chain) and seven statues of Mary.

From May to September, a service is held on Wednesdays at 19.00 hrs.

Photo: Visit Baarle

Sint Salvatorkapel - Foto: Visit Baarle

Saint Salvator Chapel
Nijhoven 2
5111 HE Baarle-Nassau

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