Saint Nicholas Church Meijel

Saint Nicholas Church Meijel - Meijel

N 51.3444064 / E 5.8870025

Until 1903 there was a twelfth-century tower here and it is suspected that the church was the same age. In 1835 this church became too small and was replaced by a Waterstaatskerk. But the tower remained standing. When the Waterstaatskerk also became too small, a new church was built. Now the tower was also demolished. The new church was called the 'cathedral of the Peel' because of its beauty and size. At the time of delivery, the church was not yet fully equipped, which was an ongoing process until the church was blown up on 25 September 1944 by the retreating Germans 'with a whole truck of dynamite'. During the reconquest by the Germans in November, the church was blown up for the second time. There was nothing left of it but rubble. The present church was inaugurated in 1955. In 1992 the church was redesigned.

Saint Nicholas Church Meijel

Saint Nicholas Church Meijel
Kerkstraat 1
5768 BH Meijel

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T: 077-4661850

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