Sabelspoort - Arnhem

N 51.9779824 / E 5.9107602

The Sabelspoort, also known as the Eusebiuspoort, is the only remaining city gate of Arnhem's four city gates. The gate dates back to the Hanseatic period and was first mentioned in 1357. Arnhem once had four city gates. It was part of a fortress surrounded by a high wall with loopholes. Because the gate was also used to lock up prisoners and the insane, it was also called the 'Geckenpoort'. In 1642, the gate was restored and given a Renaissance fa├žade on the city side.

As the city grew, the gate was enclosed by houses, but during the Battle of Arnhem, these houses were severely damaged. After the liberation, they were demolished and the gate was set free. The gate itself was also badly damaged, but it was restored in 1952. By placing a passageway, it has since been part of the Gelderland Provincial Building.


6811 CG Arnhem

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T: 026-3599111

The Sabelspoort can only be viewed from the outside.

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