Roman watchtower De Spees

Roman watchtower De Spees - Opheusden

N 51.9405672 / E 5.6008207

The Roman watchtower is a replica of one of the old watchtowers in the Betuwe region, which once had many more. The fortress was guarded from the watchtowers. Unfortunately, the fort is no longer visible, but the nature on this spot is very beautiful. The Romans are partly responsible for this beautiful nature in the Betuwe. They shared their knowledge of tree cultivation with the population back then.

From the watchtower, you have a wonderful view of the Rhine and, on the other side, of the former Fort De Spees.

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Roman watchtower De Spees

Roman watchtower De Spees
Rijnbandijk 139A
4043 JK Opheusden

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