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Rietveld Residence Smedes

Rietveld Residence Smedes - Den Dolder

N 52.125195 / E 5.2540296

Gerrit Rietveld designed and built this residence between 1935 and 1936 for the prosperous Den Dolder family Smedes. Not entirely coincidentally, as Mrs Smedes is also a cousin of Rietveld.

The cube-shaped house has a cantilevered flat roof. On the sides of the large cube are a garage block and a conservatory. Rietveld not only took care of the building's appearance, he also designed the furniture. The furniture was painted in yellow, red, grey and black. A striking steel spiral staircase and a sliding wall can be found between the dining and living room, both of which are characteristic details of Rietveld's designs.

The Smedes family lived here until 1956. As Soesterberg airport was being expanded at the time, the family moved to Bennekom, where their home - again designed by Rietveld - is known by the similar name Woonhuis Smedes. The new residents of the house in Den Dolder have it extended to Rietveld's design.

As there are copyrights on Rietveld buildings, we show an architectural photograph for illustration purposes.

Foto ter illustratie

Rietveld Residence Smedes
Van Weerden Poelmanlaan 1
3734 VC Den Dolder

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The house can only be viewed from the outside.

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