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Rietveld houses Erasmuslaan

Rietveld houses Erasmuslaan - Utrecht

N 52.085361 / E 5.1485234

The Erasmuslaan in Utrecht features housing blocks designed by Gerrit Rietveld, but Truus Schröder also played a role here. From her home (the Rietveld Schröderhuis), she looked out over a beautiful polder landscape. That land was released for housing development. To make sure she would still be looking at beautiful buildings, she asked Gerrit Rietveld to design and build the houses. The first four houses were finished in 1931; a flat block was added in 1934.

The houses were designed according to the principles of Nieuwe Bouwen, a style in which functionality and objectivity are paramount. Characteristic of this phase by Rietveld are the prefabricated elements, which were also widely used in this housing construction. In addition, one of the houses on Erasmus Avenue was decorated as a model home by Rietveld and Schröder in October 1931.

As there are copyrights on Rietveld buildings, we show an architectural photograph for illustration purposes.

Foto ter illustratie

Rietveld houses Erasmuslaan
3584 AZ Utrecht

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The houses can only be viewed from the outside.

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