Schans bij Ouddorp
Rampart at Ouddorp

Rampart at Ouddorp - Ouddorp

N 51.804277 / E 3.9583233

South of Ouddorp stands a defence work from the 17th century. It is not the original, but a reconstructed rampart built from the sand released during the construction of the N57. You can easily recognise the four bastions and the moat of the entrenchment.

During the Second English War in the 17th century, the original entrenchment was constructed. This was to prevent the English, the enemies, from entering the Grevelingen with their ships. At this point, you could already see the ships approaching and fire at them easily.

If you walk along the moat and across the inner area, you can still see the cannons. The moat contains brackish water, due to the mixing of salt water from the Grevelingen with fresh water. The water is crystal clear and oxygen-rich, which attracts the rare sturgeon shrimp. In winter, you can see various water birds, such as tufted ducks and widgeons, bobbing on the moat.

Schans bij Ouddorp

Rampart at Ouddorp
3253 Ouddorp

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