Daniel George piramide op de Noorderheide
Pyramids Noorderheide

Pyramids Noorderheide - Vierhouten

N 52.305144 / E 5.831584

Daniel George van Beuningen, known from the Boijmans van Beuningen museum, had a number of pyramids built on his estate between 1938 and 1955 as a form of art. One of the pyramids was named after him: the Daniel George pyramid, shown in the photo.

In 2010, the decaying stones were thoroughly restored. The streams were also tackled extensively at that time. It is a beautiful estate consisting of several waterworks, a stream and the pyramids. You can take a walk along all the attractions. You can also explore a large part of it by bicycle, but pay attention to where you go, because it is not allowed to cycle everywhere.

Daniel George piramide op de Noorderheide

Pyramids Noorderheide
Elspeterbosweg 177
8076RB Vierhouten

Contact details
E: info@nuwenspete.nl

Accessible between sunrise and sunset.

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