Prinsenhof - Delft

N 52.0121752 / E 4.3552439

This former monastery in Delft is named after Saint Agatha, the name saint of daughter Aechte. In 1403, a group of sisters settled in the house and labeled it a monastery. In the following years it expanded further and further into the largest and richest medieval monastery in Delft. After it was split up in the 16th century, part of the monastery was converted into a court of Prince Willem van Oranje. It has since been called the Prinsenhof. You can still see the bullet holes where Balthasar Gerards shot Willem van Oranje. The bullet holes have been enlarged especially for visitors to the Prinsenhof. Now the Museum Prinsenhof is located here.


Oude Delft 173
2611 HB Delft

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T: +31152602358

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Monday 11:00 - 17:00
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