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Primeval Forest Lieftinghsbroek

Primeval Forest Lieftinghsbroek - Vlagtwedde

N 53.003086 / E 7.11997

The Liefstinghsbroek is a remnant of the primeval forests of Westerwolde and one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands. The forest is part of the Natura 2000 list drawn up by the European Union. Because it is a humid forest, or brook forest, you will encounter special plants, animals and trees that are more than 200 years old. They say that the rare wood anemone can still be seen here. To give this primeval forest and its inhabitants as much rest as possible, the area can only be visited under the guidance of Natuurmonumenten. Natuurmonumenten occasionally organizes excursions on request. You can cycle and walk along the forest and get a taste of the mighty oak and beech trees.

Zeldzame bosanemoon

Primeval Forest Lieftinghsbroek
Rondweg 5
9541 TH Vlagtwedde

Contact details
T: +31356559911

Can only be visited under the supervision of a Natuurmonumenten employee.

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